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Celebrating life. Honouring Heroes. Helping Kids.


Mike Savatovsky


It's been 20-years since I overcame a life-threatening cancer with the help of Dr. N. Blair Whittemore and his entire team of technicians and nurses, including Freda Colquhoun, Trudy Leslie, and the late Sue Lamy-Crowley.


With the help of an All-Star team of volunteers, I celebrated this important milestone by fulfilling my childhood dream - to learn to skate and finally play in a competitive game of ice hockey.


Mike's Goal followed me and special guests on a few adventures as I trained and prepared for the big game. My personal goal was to raise $20,000 to be donated in honour of Dr. Whittemore to The Montreal Children's Hospital. With the help of generous friends, we reached the goal!


Hockey People in Cars Getting Subs

Sub-Making @ Famous Momesso's

Goggle Trauma: MP Housefather

Gearing-up with Sara Diamond

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Lead content creation sponsorship with $20,000 in-kind, video and production collateral. 

Critical and lead sponsorship with $20,000 in-kind, private ice-time and fitness centre access.


The Team

Dr. N. Blair Whittemore is a Pediatric Hematologist and Oncologist at The Montreal Children's Hospital. Recipient of the Montreal Children's Hopsital Pfizer Award for Leadership, he is known for his warmth, compassion and integrity.


Dr. Whittemore played university hockey (and by all accounts was pretty good). He is married and has four grown kids. He spends a lot of time gardening. Oh, and he saved the lives of Mike and Saku Koivu. 

Martin Germain is a 24-year old, skating and hockey coach who is on his way to fulfilling his dream of making a full-time career of hockey.


When he's not giving private lessons, leading group classes or teaching instructional hockey programs for players of all ages and skill levels, Martin can be found around town playing in numerous leagues, taking shots on outdoor rinks and talking hockey. Follow him on Instagram @martyhockeyy.


Brian Mann is a 29-year old, video producer who has created content for the likes of Justin Trudeau and Dr. David Suzuki. Brian is Station Manager of Concordia University TV – a community-based organization supporting Montrealers in their creative projects. He dreams of making a career producing video content.


Gideon Pollack is a 42-year old entrepreneur with nearly two decades experience in the capital markets and private equity world. He is President of Iconic Developments, a real-estate development firm striving to become one of Canada's best landlords. He dreams of developing projects that strengthen communities.


Leslie Schachter is a 35-year old, photojournalist. When not on assignment, Les is capturing unique life moments in pictures. He dreams of one day photographing a Canadiens' regular season game. Discover the world through his keen eye at


Jordan W. Burgess is a 30-year old, strength and conditioning trainer coaching elite ice hockey athletes and part of the staff of the Montreal Canadiennes. He dreams of helping next gen leaders and athletes reach their potential through his personal coaching practice.


Ryan Szporer is a 28-year old, technical writer by day and the beat reporter for the Montreal Canadiens on The Hockey Writers by night. With more than 300 bylines to his name, Ryan dreams of one day making a full-time living writing about professional hockey. Follow Ryan's astute commentary on Twitter @rszporer.



Jesse Vincent-Herscovici works under the Mitacs mandate to help foster Canadian innovation. He’s responsible for its national Major Accounts initiative and team, in addition to directly handling a set of the organizations strongest Strategic and Major Accounts. Jesse dreams of being able to truly appreciate all that he has, daily – and towards a day where most of our society does the same.


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